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International Gull Meeting / 2019 DONOSTI

November, 2019

San Sebastián - Donosti - Gipuzkoa (Spain)

Newsletter 1 / January, 2019.

This letter is to announce that the next IGM will be organised in San Sebastián (Spain), by the Aranzadi Sciences Society. We facilitate here some basic, key logistic aspects of the meeting:

13-17 November.

Programme (provisional):

ð 13 Nov. Arrivals.

ð 14. Nov. Talks (coffee break and meals included).
ð 15 Nov. Talks (coffee break and meals included) + Gulling in the city.
ð 16. Excursion (meal included) + Closure dinner.
ð 17. Departures.

Residence “Olarain” (www.olarain.com). Olarain is placed close to one of the main beaches of the city and offers us excellent facilities to organise all the meeting in a single building: auditory, rooms, eating room… The number of rooms available (either single or double room; a double room can be used by 1 person or 2 people) is limited. We have been allowed to block 30 rooms (10 individual; 20 double), but only up to 1st March. So we strongly encourage to book the room as soon as possible in order to guarantee a bed in the Olarain residence. Alternatively, everyone is free to book other hosting facilities in the surroundings (the city is full of hotels, but have in mind that San Sebastián is a very touristic city and the prices use to be rather high).

How to arrive:

For people living far, probably the best solution is to take a flight to Bilbao and from there take a bus (1 hour) to San Sebastián. Further details in:


We facilitate a single payment gateway in order to pay all the costs of the IMG, including the inscription fee, hotel, etc.

Table of costs:

INSCRIPTION (choose one):

Option 1: Full inscription 1
200,00 €
Option 2: Basic inscription2
95,00 €
ACCOMODATION (optional, choose only one)
Option 1: single room at Olarain (with breakfast) x4
260,00 €
Option 2: double room at Olarain (with breakfast) x4
days (total price; it is 155,72 €/person)3.
311,44 €
1.-Includes: documentation, auditory, coffee breaks, bus for the excursion,lunch and dinner of 14, 15, 16 (closure dinner included).

2.-Includes: documentation, auditory, coffee breaks, bus for the excursion,

lunch of 14, 15.

3.-Double rooms must be paid by only one of the room-mates (it they will be

Please, go to these links to proceed:

1. Inscription:

2. Accomodation:


If you have any doubt, please contact us:

ð Maite Laso (mlaso@aranzadi.eus).

ð Juan Arizaga (jarizaga@aranzadi.eus)


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